Young Cowboy Tearful After His Dad Passed From Cancer, Has No Clue Who’s Approaching His House

One of the hardest experiences in life to cope with is the loss of a loved one. It’s partially heartbreaking for young kids who would feel lost and vulnerable in the world without the people that cared and protected them.

Jace Kellogg was in the unfortunate position to witness his father put up a fight against cancer and eventually lose to it. It’s not a sight any parent would want their child to see, but it meant it was the only way they could spend the remaining time together. Before Jace’s dad’s healthy began to deteriorate, the two would always go to PBR shows in their hometown, they were both avid fans of it. It was their love for PBR that made Jace embrace his father’s old hat everyday as a memory and a way to comfort him.

News about Jace and what he had been through reached the good people at the Fox5 Surprise Squad, and they knew they needed to do something special for a distressed young boy. When they found out he was a little cowboy, they set up the perfect surprise for him to make the rough time he was gong through just a little easier.


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