Tiny Horse Abused For Years Finally Rescued, Jumps For Joy When She Meets Her Son

Miniature ponies are incredibly adorable to look at and their behaviour makes them ever so sweet to be around. Malta is a 17-year-old mini pony with an 8-year-old son Winky. It sounds like an adorable family but they’ve been through some heartbreaking ordeals, having spent 6 years apart.

Winky’s owners had to give him up and passed him on to a local sanctuary as they were moving away and couldn’t take him. When he arrived at the ROAR Animal Sanctuary, Tasmania, Australia, the carers did some digging and found out about Winky’s mom and set about to bring her to be reunited.

When they found Malta, they were stunned at the state she was in, she had been abused and neglected severely and needed urgent treatment. Not only was her heart broken from being away from her son, but every day and night she was in pain and struggling.

After helping her condition improve, the team were focussed on bringing her back to the sanctuary to let her see son.


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