Student Learns About Surprising Life Strict Teacher Has Outside Of Class, He Can’t Believe It

If there’s one thing that students dislike about school it would have to be strict teachers who don’t believe that class should be any fun. At St. Francis High School in La CaƱada, CA, math teacher Jim O’Connor has been teaching students for years and has quite the reputation of being a straightforward, straight to the chase type of guy.

He believes that fun doesn’t work in a class environment and his students all have quite the same opinion of him. But what they didn’t know what the secret life O’Connor was living outside of school, something they would have never expected.

The 70-year-old Vietnam veteran has long been a regular blood donor at the local blood donor centre. Not only that, but he’s also broken their record for being the biggest donor in their history. The surprises don’t stop there, he also volunteers too care and nurse for sick babies when their own parents are unable to do, the nurses call him “invaluable”.


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