Mom Excited To Give Birth To Unborn Son, But The Doctor’s Had Terrifying News

Clarissa Bugal and her husband Wes were over the moon that they could soon welcome their first child into the world and into their arms. Just the idea of it had them preparing the nursery and getting everything in place. Clarissa knew something wasn’t right, so during visit to the doctor’s office, the doctor discovered something life threatening, Clarissa had a rare and often deadly condition called Amniotic Fluid Embolism.

“They came in and rushed her back to a delivery room, and had to go through her option with her about an emergency C section”, Wes tearfully said as he recalled the event. their unborn son’s, Declan J. Bugal’s, heart was dropping and at that point Clarissa had to make a critical decision to have an emergency C section, giving a good chance for her sone to survive but putting her a huge risk.

Clarissa chose to save her son as the cots of her own life, but the family see young Declan as a miracle baby. “She came to the hospital to be a mom, and she did what she was supposed to do”.


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