Judge Learns Man Appearing For Traffic Violation Goes To School With His Grandson. His Reaction Is Priceless

Judge Frank Caprio is one the most humane and wonderful judges in the world. The way he handles cases is a wonder in our world.

Known for his leniency and willingness to let minor tickets and violations slide, he always finds a way to do what’s right and make sure everyone leaves the courtroom with a smile on their face.

When a young man and his mother appeared to appeal a traffic violation, the Judge was shown footage of the incident. It was clear that the defendant was at fault, but nevertheless, Judge Caprio showed leniency after he learned the young man was studying hard and following his dreams.

Source: YouTube

After the judge told the man he was going to let his ticket slide, the man mentioned that he attends the same college as the judge’s ‘grandson’. It took the judge by surprise, who had to double check what he knew about his grandson, before realizing the ‘grandson’ in question wasn’t even related to him!


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