Homeless Serviceman Sits Down At A Piano And Leaves Everyone Nearby Stunned At His Skill

If you’ve ever talked to a homeless person, you’d know that some of them have the most interesting history and stories to tell. They’ve experienced a different walk of life and have a lot to say about it.

Meet Donald Gould, he’s been living on the streets of Florida for years before he was recognized for his talent playing the piano. He would often come to a particular street where a piano was on the sidewalk for the public, and would give an impromptu performance any time he felt like it.

One glance at Donald and you would have never expected him to be able to play the piano so beautifully. Everyone in the nearby area glanced over and were shocked to see a homeless man playing like a professional.

It turns out that Donald was a clarinet player for Marine Corps but he gave that up some time back because he couldn’t afford it anymore.

After his wife died, he started substance abuse and hasn’t been able to turn his life around since then.


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