Her Mom Thought She Was Dead At Birth Over 49 Years Ago, Then A Miracle Happened

For almost five decades Melanie Diane Gilmore lived her life and started family without ever having a mother figure in her life. She was separated at birth and never had the ability to find out about what happened. So she had been living out her life, being the best mother she could be to her children, without ever having met her own.

The same could also be said for Zella Jackson-Price. She gave birth a baby girl prematurely on November 25th, 1965, but told her baby passed away and couldn’t make it. It was tragic for her, she never even got to hold her daughter but she had to move on with life with the hard loss.

But in fact her daughter, Melanie, had survived, and this created an opportunity for someone along the line involved with the birth and caring of the newborn to kidnap the baby for their own good.

Melanie’s kids were always interested to meet their grandma and started piecing together what they could with the help of relatives and records from that date. They finally found Zella, whose story of events seemed to fit with what could have happened. They secretly ran a DNA test of their mom, Melanie, and Zella was happy to provide a sample too. When the results came in, the results indicated at 99.997% match between the two, indicating that they were long lost mother and daughter!

They got a hold of Zella on a live video call using a laptop, and decided to break the news to their mom for the first time.


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