Grandma Puts Up A Message From Her Hospital Room, Workers Outside Reduced To Tears

No one really enjoys a stay at the hospital, and for 88-year-old grandma Gloria Porter, she wanted to make the most of it while she was in. It was the unlikely interaction she had with construction workers across the street that made it memorable.

She had already spent a week in the room getting better, and spent most of her day peering outside the window to her room to watch the world around her. Most of the time, construction workers were busy working on a site, even when the weather got bad. They often saw her sat at the window looking over at them, so they would often wave to her. When she next looked at them later, they had made a message “Get Well” written on one of the the steel beams facing her. She was touched by their thoughtful message and had to create a response of her own, “Stay Safe”. It made the workers smile, knowing that someone was watching over them and wanted them to be safe.


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