Family Receive Heartbreaking News, Then Left Stunned At Who’s Knocking On The Door

One of the hardest things is to face a life changing event and to stay strong, especially dealing with the loss of someone dear and loved.

Audrey, mother of three kids, had long felt unwell and had an appointment at the hospital to get checked out. She asked her neighbor Tisha, mother of five, if she could look after her kids as she went for her appointment. Tisha was happy to do so and was worried about Audrey. When she retuned, she informed Tisha and her husband that she was diagnosed with a serious cancer and asked them if they could adopt her children. She knew she didn’t have long and wanted to give her kids to someone she trusted.

Tisha and her husband didn’t hesitate to look after her kids, and Tisha felt it was necessary, being an orphan herself as a child and living many years in an orphanage. It was then that the family of seven turned into a family of ten.

The Fox 5 Surprise Squad heard the story and wanted to visit Trisha and her family to give them something they deserved.


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