Depressed Mom Cries For Her Missing Calf, Breaks Down When She’s Reunited

Being a mother and taking on its roles isn’t just limited to humans, animals do it too and some love their offspring just as much. Particularly, cows have a strong motherly bond with their offspring, comparable to humans, and to not be with their babies will cause emotional distress.

Th good people at The Gentle Barn, an animal sanctuary, saved and rescued a cow they named Karma. They thought it was a job well done, but what they didn’t know was that the Karma’s previous keeper hid her baby calf, named Mr. Rojas, for their own gain and make some money off him.

Karma was crying day and night, non stop, as she missed her baby and needed to be reunited. It was only then that her rescuers discovered why Karma was crying and set about making things right. The video below captures the dramatic reunion between Karma and her son.

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