Dad Falls To The Ground After Arriving At Airport And Noticing Who’s There Waiting For Him

Dyan has only ever wanted what any parent could ever want, safety for his wife, Alik, and kids. Trouble started back in 2012 when him and his family had to flee from their home in Sudan where violence was becoming a common theme. They fled to neighbouring refugee camps, but along the way he as operated from his family and thought he had lost them for good. With no way to find them, he was stuck, but his wife Alik and kids safely made passage to the states with as refugees but they were finding it ever so difficult to cope without their dad.

Alik was looking for some consolation and trying to find peace in her heart when she met two neighbour, Molly and Mary Claire. They worked as volunteers at Catholic Charities, who focus on helping and assisting resettled refugees. Alik wept as she told them her story and that her husband was still out there in the world somewhere, lost and without his family. From then on, they made it their mission to find him and bring him to his family once again.

After four years of not knowing if the other was even alive, they finally got to reunite at the Fort Worth airport. Dyan was shaking as he landed, his emotions were taking over and when he finally saw his family waiting for him at the arrivals, he fell to the ground on all fours, overwhelmed and overjoyed.

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