Couple Dreamed Of Having A Child So They Went To Adopt One, But They Were In For A Huge Miracle

Some couples dream of having a child together, to bring a child into this world and to raise them can be one of the most rewarding duties you will ever face. While it may get difficult and frustrating, it will always be worth it when you get to see them walk for the first time, talk for the first time and so much more.

Amy Justice and her husband, from Oklahoma, spent more than three years trying to have a baby of their own. They looked over a range of fertility treatments but realized the cost was far too high for them, so they looked at adopting a child.

When they found a pregnant mother looking to give let the Justices adopt her baby, they took her to a ultrasound scan appointment and to their surprise, she was expecting triplets! While it came as an initial shock, they were happy and welcoming the idea of having three kids, all this time after trying to have just one.

But their surprise didn’t end there. Not only were they adopting triplets, a week after they were born, Amy found out that she was pregnant and expecting twins. They say they are excited, but also say that “God has a great sense of humor.”


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