Bear Was Caged For Over 30 Years. When She Was Finally Rescued, She Made A Dramatic Transformation

Imagine spending 30 years of life confined to a cage for most of the day and being malnourished and abused regularly. Fifi the bear was one ya cub when she was taken by the Pennsylvania roadside zoo. She was abused into learning and performing tricks, forcing them to stand on their legs and clapping for example. Despite the zoo having closed down over twenty years ago, she was kept in a tiny cage, barely big enough for her to even move around and stand, not even fit for a small dog.

When PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary rescuers found her, she was looking very thin, weak frail and in pain from a number of illnesses, she could barely move from the arthritis. She was immediately transported to Colorado where a facility was ready for her to be nursed back to good health and given a better life than she had lived.

It took only five months for Fifi to make an incredible transformation all round. See her progress yourself!


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